Barbadian Hartley Henry on Labour Party campaign

Chief political strategist for the Dominica Labour Party (DLP) Hartley Henry has revealed that this island’s General Election campaign has tremendously benefitted Barbadians financially.

Henry, a Barbadian himself, told Barbados media that there was also significant cultural and intellectual input from Barbados in the DLP’s campaign.

According to Henry, the DLP engaged three Barbadian political strategists for the elections.

Additionally, some of Barbados’ popular entertainers made a number of appearances in Dominica to perform for the lavish $30M campaign.

He further revealed that the expensive posters for the DLP’s political campaign, in addition to the copies of its Manifesto, were all printed in Barbados.

The DLP also utilized Barbados travel agencies and private airline for overseas travel.

UWP Leader Lennox Linton said he hopes Dominican service providers have taken note of Henry’s revelations that the economic impact of the multimillion dollar election spend was greater in Barbados than Dominica

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