Ferdinand Frampton Dies

Veteran broadcaster Ferdinand Frampton has died.

Frampton, 64, died yesterday afternoon at the Princess Margaret Hospital following a brief hospitalization.

The official cause of death has not yet been released, but Joan Frampton, wife of the iconic broadcaster revealed that her husband had died of a possible heart failure. She was speaking this morning to Mattias Peltier, host of Q95’s Hot Seat.

Frampton, who had been battling diabetes, took seriously ill sometime last week. He was taken to the hospital on Saturday, treated and released the same night. However he had to be rushed backed to the PMH on Sunday. He died on Thursday afternoon.

Mrs. Frampton described her late husband as a “wonderful and selfless man who loved and genuinely cared about people”.

Ferdina Frampton who followed in her father’s footsteps as a broadcaster agreed, describing him as “a really good man” who “cared about everybody”.

Spanning a period of more than fourty years, Frampton began his broadcasting career at the Dominica Broadcasting Service where he held several positions including, announcer, sports reporter, news editor, sales manager and general manager.

He also served as programme director and assistant manager at the Roman Catholic Church’s Voice of the Island Radio and assistant manager and programme director of Q95.

During his long and outstanding career, Frampton had the opportunity to mentor and launch the careers of a number of journalists and broadcasters including Peltier’s and his own daughter Ferdina.

Frampton however was far more than a broadcaster; he was among other things, a community leader, councilor, educator, businessman, coach, sports administrator and entertainer.

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