Freedom Party Still Relevant Says Astaphan

Although the Dominica Freedom Party (DFP) has not held a seat in Parliament for more than ten years, its leaders maintain that the party is still very relevant to Dominica’s political landscape and future.

Recently at a press conference, interim political leader Michael Astaphan, concurred that the party, like most major organizations, had gone through a difficult patch in its history but has always remained viable and relevant and is once again poised to lead Dominica’s development.

We’ve had our “ups and downs…and recognize the challenge, so what we have to do, is to present the people [with] an alternative in what we will do for our future, young people, and what we would do to generate more stay-over visitors, more cruise ship visitors and how best we can address the issues of unemployment for young people in Dominica” Astaphan said.

He underscored the need for putting Dominicans back to work.

“The essential thing is for people to work to support themselves with dignity that they don’t have to line up for handouts and while doing that, we have to have a safety net for those people who need the help” Astaphan said.

Party Chairman, Herbert Sabroache expressed similar sentiments adding that there were a number of people outside of the current party executive willing to vie for its leadership whenever its Delegates Conference is held.

“We feel happy and confident that the young generation is coming, they want to be part of our party…our integrity, our focus on people above everything else. We are having a cadre of young, intelligent and right thinking individuals who are prepared to come forward as part of the Dominica Freedom Party” he said.

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