Line Up Of Soukous Acts For The 18th Annual WCMF

The World Creole Music Festival will embrace a line-up of Soukous All Stars hailing all the way from Africa namely, Lokassa Ya Bongo, Ballou Canta, Dally Kimoko and Yondo Sister.

Lokassa Ya Bongo is a Congolese guitarist; born Kinshasa, Africa. He became famously known after he strung his guitar in two E strings creating a style called the Compose. He created the Soukous Stars’ biggest seller only a few months later. Megamix Vol. 1, two medleys of old hits from West and East Africa set to the up-tempo rumba called soukous, earned instant fame for Lokassa and the band. In the ensuing years Lokassa presided over a changing cast of characters, but his Soukous Stars survived. Another medley of African hits, Soukous Attack from 1994, began to rival Megamix in popularity. Over his more than thirty years experience as a musician, Lokassa has become one of the best-known Congolese rhythm guitarists, rivaled only by Bopol and Dechaud. His nimble fingers have paced a number of Kinshasa rumba classics and a variety of Paris soukous hits. He has also made his mark as a leader and arranger, contributing heavily to the evolution and outpouring of the Congolo-Paris sound.

Ballou Canta is a well-known Congolese musician in the diaspora for Congolese music. He is the most sought after musician to accompany numerous African singers and is also known for composing and producing music. He is originally from Congo – Brazzaville. He founded the first Congo workers orchestra group: Tele-music. His first record, entitled ‘Sambala’ released in 1978 was a big hit in Congo. He has lived in France since the early 80s where he worked with many artists including Manu Dibango, Ray Lema, Lokua Kanza, Papa Wemba, Koffi Olomide and Oliver Ngoma. In 1990 he founded the Soukous Stars with Lokassa.

Dally Kimoko, one of the top guitarists to come from Africa and Yondo Sister who was also part of the Soukous Stars founded by Lokassa & Ballou, will add their own Soukous flavor to Dominica’s Pulsating Ryhthms of World Class Creole Music.

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