Ministry Of Health Hosted Medical Conference

The Ministry of Health and the Princess Margaret Hospital on Friday November 29, 2013, hosted a one- day Medical Conference on ‘In Patient thromboembolism Prophylaxis (DVT) and Perioperative/ Procedural Management of Patients with Bleeding Disorders” at the APU Conference Room, Princess Margaret Hospital.

The objectives of the medical conference, the brainchild of Dr Spencer
St. Luce, Head of Department of Anaesthesia were: (1)To equip health care professionals with the necessary knowledge which will result in a more aggressive response in assessing DVT-( Deep Vein Thrombosis) and Pulmonary embolism risks in all admitted patients. (2) To provide guidelines to manage all at risk patients for Embolism and (3)To improve on the overall morbidity and mortality at the Princess Margaret Hospital and the District Hospitals .

In her brief remarks during the conference opening ceremony, Administrative Officer ,Augustina Popo, representing the Permanent Secretary of Health, said the increase in death from pulmonary embolism over the years warrants such intervention.

“A review of mortality figures at the Princess Margaret Hospital has indicated a rise in number of deaths from pulmonary embolism over the past few years. Some of these cases are associated with hospitalization and surgical interventions. This being the case therefore implies that there is a need to be pro-active and being more vigilant in instituting appropriate interventions based on evidence.”

She further commended the hospital administration for such an initiative.

“ It is my understanding that the tools aimed at dealing with this problem are readily available, however effective utilization via acceptable norms of practice is what is necessary. We are therefore going in the right direction. “

PAHO Country Specialist Shirley Augustine stated that continuing medical education-(CME) is important because we a dealing with a public that is well informed. She called on the health care professionals and practitioners to continue to update their knowledge.

“As professionals, you must keep your knowledge and skills up to date throughout your working life. You should be familiar with relevant guidelines and developments that affect your work. You should regularly take part in educational activities that maintain and further develop your competence and performance.”

She further indicated that patients and society at large also want to be assured that the health professionals specifically, doctors and nurses they consult are practising up-to-date medicine and offering them good quality care.

The medical conference discussed topics such as the Coagulation Process & Clot Formation; the Pharmacology of anti-coagulant and anti-platelet drugs used in clinical practice; local Epidemiology of Thrombo- Embolic Disease; Clinical Assessment of the patient with thrombro-embolism ;Imaging Assessment of the patient with bleeding Disorder; Peri-operative and In-hospital Thrombo-embolism prophylaxis ;Laboratory Assessment of the patient with Thrombosis and Bleeding Disorder and Peri-operative/ procedural management of the patient with bleeding disorders.

Presenters were medical consultants from the Princess Margret Hospital, the Ross University School of Medicine and Medicus Diagnostic Inc. .

The medical conference was funded by the Pan American Health Organization- PAHO, with collaboration from the Ross University School of Medicine and Jolly’s Pharmacy

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