The Champs Among Top Bargain Hotels in the Caribbean

On January 24th Hotel The Champs in Picard, Portsmouth has received a Travelers’ Choice Award from TripAdvisor ranking 3rd in Top Bargain Hotels in The Caribbean.

Shortly after celebrating its fifth year of existence they entered the top of this new category reflecting their global presence as a Top Bargain Caribbean Hotel offering maximum services for modest dollars. Out of 25 Caribbean hotels, The Champs is the only Dominican property in this list.

The 5-year old hotel has been receiving a lot of raving reviews on TripAdvisor, Facebook and other social media platforms and has never settled for less. This has not been their first time, winning an award on TripAdvisor and general manager Lise says smiling “Just keep them coming”.

“Sometimes we do have our highs and lows in the business but things are getting better as time goes by” states manager Lise van de Kamp. She is very elated because this is an interesting award creating a ‘stepping stone’ for prospecting tourists to the Nature Island and will have an impact on the tourism industry of Dominica in general.

“We do try hard, giving our customers the best treatment, thus allowing their confidence to grow, ensuring their comfort and happiness and they just keep on coming over and over again.” The hotel guests seem to know when they want a fresh, healthy and ‘mouth watering’ meal, want to live in a hotel where they will receive 5-star rated personal service for minimum cash, that Hotel The Champs is the place to be.

Next to improving guest-confidence the manager of The Champs Hotel sees its customer base has just been widened, due to the fact that they are the only one in Dominica receiving the award in its category.

“Our success has been achieved by our total commitment to our business. We consider our guests ‘best friends and close family’, and provide them with quality services and products, and support them with outstanding customer attention. We try to have the answer even before they ask the question.”

In closing Lise remarks: “We would like to say a special thank you to our TripAdvisor reviewers and all our dedicated staff members. We are happy that our guests recognize our capabilities and appreciate that we meet their needs. We will continue to provide excellent service and commitment to our customers.”

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